8bit Limited runs a contest in its Free DOGE faucet in Telegram

Do you want to get cryptocurrency but have no mining equipment and experience? 8bit Limited company welcomes partners and contributors to join the project and get crypto coins in this simple way too. About a year ago it has launched a free Dogecoin faucet in Telegram. Do you want to know how to get Dogecoin for free?

Look: this article will shed light on this project from 8bit Limited company and tell you how to earn coins in this way.

8Bit.ltd Company

Being a product of an international company called Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd, 8bit.Ltd is a company that united professionals with 15-year experience who began to research newly evolved blockchain technology in 2010 and managed to gather an impressive number of investors and crypto enthusiasts around its multi-purpose cryptocurrency platform.

Nowadays, the project attracts investors offering a wide range of payment methods including 43 crypto coins. The platform is available only in English but there is enough information about the company and its offers in the FAQ section. Moreover, every person can easily contact the customer support representative pressing the button ‘Chat with us’.

The company also has its own multilingual Telegram-bot that will inform about the latest news and release of new projects as well as advise how to diversify funds, what projects to invest and how to get a constant passive income without huge investments. At the moment, the investment plan offers users to make a deposit from $30 to $1,000 and get every day profit of 0.05%. However, there is one more interesting way to earn cryptocurrency via 8bit.Ltd and it is a faucet in Telegram.

How to earn via Doge faucet in Telegram

If you want to use a free Dogs faucet and earn cryptocurrency on Telegram, it is necessary to add this 8bit Telegram bot to your account. After that, you will be able to claim your bonus every day manually pressing the button.

There are two types of users who can take advantage of earning in this faucet:

  • Advanced users
    These are users who have made at least one active deposit and get higher awards on a daily basis.
  • Basic users
    These are users who use a faucet free of charge and make no investment.

The earnings depend on the level and number of days in a row when a user claimed bonuses. For example, a beginner who has just added a bot to the Telegram account can get 5 Dogecoin every day if this is a Basic user and 20 Dogecoins if this is an Advanced user. When a user reaches the final 36th level, there is a possibility to get 100 and 500 Doge respectively.

8bit DOGE

If you have no time or desire to press the ‘Claim’ button manually every day, you can switch on the autopilot function and get your profits without putting extra effort.

Special offers and promos

8bit offers new users who have just joined the project a great welcome bonus in Doge. Basic users will get 10 Doge and Advanced users will be awarded 30 Doge if they take advantage of the faucet.

Other ways to get great awards are through participation in daily and monthly raffles. The company offers users to win from 10 to 250 Dogecoins every day as well as take part in the monthly raffle with the prize range between 50 and 2,500 Doge. In fact, there are several winners in these raffles since 3 winners get the smallest award (10/50 Doge daily and 50/500 Doge monthly depending on the user type), 2 people get a second prize (25/100 Doge daily and 100/1,000 Doge monthly), and only 1 winner gets a maximum prize (50/250 Doge daily and 250/2,500 Doge monthly).

Active users who claim Doge on a regular basis can get under Dogefall and get a crypto gift from other users who have many coins. One more way to get rewards is to report about any bugs you have noticed in the project since the development team encourages users to participate in the improvement of the project.

There is also a Progressive bonus for users who do not skip days and request funds regularly. This amount can grow up to 500 Doge.

Deposit and withdrawal

The project supports 43 cryptocurrencies and all of them can be used for making a deposit if you want to increase your profits and become an Advanced user. Fiat currency can be deposited and withdrawn via Perfect Money and Payeer they support USD and EUR.

If you want to deposit funds, you need to register on the website of this project and select the payment option preferred.

Withdrawals work round the clock and are delivered almost instantly. Usually, it takes a maximum of 24 hours to complete the transaction. The minimum withdrawal amount is $/€ 1 or its equivalent in cryptocurrency. The minimum withdrawal amount for bonus funds is 50 Doge.

Referral program

8bit.Ltd has a great referral program that allows getting coins for every friend you bring to the faucet. When you register an account on the website, you get a referral link that can be shared with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The amount of your reward according to this program depends on the number of friends attracted and can range from 25 to 5,000 Doge.

8bit referrals

When one of the friends you have invited becomes an Advanced user, the award gets much higher ranging from 40 to 15,000 Doge.

Upcoming King of the Hill contest

Recently 8bit started a marathon of special promos in Telegram called New Years Extravaganza.
Another event in this marathon is King of the Hill contest for leaders of referral structures.
Those users whose referrals have claimed most DOGEs will take part in our King of the Hill contest.

Heres the official press release from 8bit website:

  • Each DOGE claimed by your referrals counts as 1 point for this contest. The more DOGE they claim during the contest, the more points you get and the higher becomes your position in global ranking and the larger prize you win.
  • Top 150 users with a maximal number of DOGEs claimed by their referrals will place in winners ranking.
  • 150 top performant winners will receive prizes according to their position in Top-150 ranking. The total prize fund is $3500 and will be distributed in DOGE according to its exchange rate at the end of the contest.

Want to get into Top-150 ranking? You can do it:

  1. Just bring more new referrals to our 8bit Telegram bot
  2. Motivate your referrals to keep claiming FREE DOGE from our faucet every day!

The King of the Hill contest will take place from 1 till 15 January. On January 15th, 12:00 (server time) the scoring will be over and the contest results will be published at the promo page.

How to become a King of the Hill?

Suppose you have 10 referrals who claim FREE DOGE in our 8bit Telegram faucet. And they claim about 125 DOGE per day which gives you 125 points. As they keep claiming DOGEs, within 15 days you keep rising to the top of the ranking. After accumulating as many points as you can, you can place in Top-150 ranking and win a prize.
However, you can speed up your ascension in a few ways:

  1. first of all, motivate your referrals not to skip any days and claim DOGEs every day
  2. motivate them to make deposits, thus they will become Advanced users and
    • a. will be able to receive significantly more Free DOGEs
    • b. they themselves can participate in the King of the Hill and bring more their referrals
  3. bring new referrals to the 8bit Telegram bot and show them 8bit faucet for claiming FREE DOGE.

Participate in the contest now! Add 8bit bot to your Telegram


Telegram faucet offers a Doge reward not only for pressing the ‘Claim’ button but also for playing mini-games directly in 8Bit Telegram bot. Currently, there are 4 mini-games available for players:

  • Lucky 33
  • Dice Roll 99
  • Ro Sham Bo
  • Instant Lotto
  • Treasure Hunt (recently introduced)

These are simple games with instructions if necessary where you can bet and win Doge prizes.


8bit investment project was introduced in 2016 and it has attracted a variety of users since that time. Before the launch of Doge faucet on Telegram, it was impossible to earn cryptocurrency through this platform free of charge. However, this faucet made it possible to get Dogecoin free simply pressing a button on a daily basis. It is a great opportunity to increase your crypto holdings in an easy and fast manner without making any investment. Moreover, if you enjoy the process and want to increase your profits, you can deposit anything starting from $30 and get bigger awards each new day.