Anonymix Bitcoin Mixer Review 2020

How safe is it to make Bitcoin transactions? Despite being called a secure and anonymous way of making payments, there is still a necessity to mix coins to make them untraceable and clean. Anonymix is a platform which was created for protecting privacy, keeping identity and financial information secure. It aims at breaking continuity of Bitcoin transactions and can be used by anyone who wants to keep privacy and own clean coins.

Look: this review will tell about Anonymix platform including its features, fees, support and how it works.

What is Anonymix?

Anonymix is a platform created for mixing Bitcoins you own with ones contained in the reserve pool of the company. It means that tinted coins can be cleaned in this way while every Bitcoin transaction performed via the platform is absolutely confidential and impossible to trace.

The service aims at breaking the continuity between the previous activity of a user and a current one. After mixing coins, it is impossible to find traces of the transactions made and compare them with new ones since new Bitcoins are used for them.

Anonymix is a relatively new tumbler which appeared in 2019 but it has already served a big number of Bitcoin holders. It is only gaining popularity next to other blends platforms operating nowadays.

How Does it Work?

Anonymix bitcoin mixer

The tumbler works similar to other mixing services functioning today. A user has a certain amount of coins to be mixed, so he or she needs to create a new crypto address or several of them for clean coins to be delivered there. After that, he or she sends the amount to the address provided by the service where all these coins are mixed with private reserves of the company for a certain period of time (the delay time is indicated by a user) and then, clean untainted coins are delivered to one or several addresses provided by the user. There is a viewpoint that the longer coins spend on the platform, the fewer chances there are to trace them.

Anonymix Features

Anonymix features

The main goal of every blender platform is to guarantee privacy to its users since they turn to such services with this purpose. Anonymix has a number of features which help to take the level of anonymity to a much higher level and spend less time and effort on tumbling.

  • Quick mix
    One of the benefits of the service is a possibility to simplify the transaction confirmation process from 6 stages to only 1. When a user is offered to select a delay time, there is a possibility to choose ‘Quick mix’ function and get only one confirmation to start mixing the user’s coins.
  • No registration
    The platform has no sign-up feature so there is no need to create any accounts to be able to use it. This is a sign that the service does not keep information about its users in a special database.
  • Min/max
    The service accepts a minimum of 0.002 BTC and a maximum of 100 BTC per one transaction. Every single mix is valid for up to 120 hours since the time of its initiating.
  • Up to 10 address
    The service offers its users to distribute clean coins between up to 10 different Bitcoin addresses and even set the percentage from the total amount to receive by every address (many mixing services do that randomly).
  • Time delays
    It is possible to select quick and random mix as well as choose a 1, 3, 7, 12 and 24-hour delay.
  • No logs policy with the possibility to delete logs manually
    The No logs policy features a retention period of 7 days, but users can delete it immediately after transaction manually pressing the corresponding button.
  • Certification of Origin
    Together with clean coins, every user gets a certification of origin confirming that mixed Bitcoins have been received from Anonymix.

Anonymix Fees

Transaction fees of Anonymix are charged from the total amount of the initial unclean deposit. It is similar to standard fees charged by other services and is 0.3% of the total amount. It does not change depending on the amount, but you should pay 0.0001 BTC extra for every additional address to send clean Bitcoins to.

How to Mix Bitcoins

Even if a person is a newbie in coin mixing, there is no need to read for manuals to understand how it works. The service operates without registration which is a guarantee of a higher confidentiality level and requires a user to make several simple steps:

  1. Open the website and click the ‘New Mix’ button at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the address (or up to 10 addresses pressing the ‘Add address’ button) where you want to receive mixed Bitcoins. Next to the address, choose the delay time (up to 24 hours) and press ‘Begin Mix’.
    Anonymix new mix
  3. You are redirected to the payment page. Save the ID code provided to be able to check the status of the transaction and transfer funds to the Bitcoin address provided. This page also shows you all the deposit payments and mixed payouts made earlier.
    Anonymix View Mix
  4. After you confirm the transaction, the proves is completed and it is left to wait for mixed coins to be delivered to the address(es) mentioned.


Any issues connected with tumbling on Anonymix are solved by a customer support team. Every user of the platform can send a company representative an email using the ‘Contact’ link. It is necessary to provide an email, subject of the message and Mix-ID to get a response. Anonymous emails at supported too.

Any information about the service can be found in the FAQ section on the official website.

Bonus Program

The platform offers every user to become a winner of Bitcoins. Every 100th mix on the platform is rewarded with a 25% bonus from the amount mixed. The award is applicable no for first-time users and regular clients.


Anonymix is a new trusted scrambler which will take care of your tinted Bitcoins for a minimum commission. The platform allows mixing coins without registration and almost instantly which can make it outstanding in the market.