BitcoinMixer Service Review 2020

Do you want to find a reliable crypto mixer to guarantee the anonymity of your crypto transactions? One more decent competitor has joined this market this year and now it is possible to make tinted coins clean on Since the service is a new one, it is important to understand what it offers to clients and how it can stand out among other competitors in this sphere. You will agree it would be great to find a trusted mixing service with low fees and several interesting features. Is one of them?

Look: this article will tell you all the basic information about to understand if this tumbler is worth your attention.

What is

BitcoinMixer is an online platform that offers Bitcoin mixing services. It breaks the connection between the sender and the recipients wallet address to prevent the traceability of this transaction. It allows taking the anonymity level of BTC transactions to a new level and makes it impossible to hide your transactions that are usually visible in the blockchain.

How Does it Work? has a pool that includes coins of other users as well as coins of the mixing service. When a person wants to clean tainted coins or prevent the possibility of tracing his transactions through the blockchain, he sends a certain amount of coins to the service. The last one accepts these coins, adds them to the general pool, mixes them with other coins for a certain period of time (usually the time of delay indicated by a user) and delivers clean coins to one or several destination addresses provided by the customer. All this is done for a small service fee which is taken from the total amount of cryptocurrency.

BitcoinMixer Features

When a user looks for a blender service, he usually considers what features it has. In fact, has several important things to mention:

  1. No registration required

    It is enough to open the website and press the ‘New mix’ button to start the process.

  2. Multiple addresses

    When you enter the final address to deliver mixed coins, it is possible to distribute them among up to 5 wallets.

  3. Instant and delayed transactions

    In comparison with many other tumbler services, guarantees almost instant transactions if you select this option placing the order. However, many experts and the service itself recommend selecting a delay time up to 24 hours to improve privacy. It is possible to select 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, and 24-hour delay if you wish.

  4. Mix ID

    Every mix that is performed on gets an ID number. It is provided with the goal to let users check the mixed-status or to restore the mix in case of the browser crash after funds deposit. A user can enter the ‘Mix status’ section on the website, enter the ID and see what happens with his coins at the moment.
    BitcoinMixer mixing status

  5. Minimum confirmations

    One of the most annoying things during the mixing process is numerous confirmations users should wait until the mixer processes the funds. has solved this problem asking only for 1 confirmation if you mix amounts under 20 BTC. If your Bitcoin amount to mix immediately is bigger, you need to wait for 6 confirmations.

BitcoinMixer Fees

It is quite predictable that will get a big number of clients since its fees are very competitive. In fact, you should pay a service fee of 0.25% from the total amount mixed and a transaction fee of 0.000001 BTC for every destination address to send Bitcoin to.

Minimum Deposit

The smallest amount accepted by the platform for mixing is 0.0002 BTC. If you try to send less, these funds will be accepted as a donation by the platform.

Log Policy

BitcoinMixer features features no logs policy. There is no need to register on the service or provide any personal data to complete the transaction. Moreover, all the information about the mix can be deleted by the user manually immediately after its completion or it will be automatically erased from the server after 7 days.

How to Mix Bitcoins using BitcoinMixer

Even a child can cope with the mixing process on It is necessary to complete the following steps:

  1. Press the orange ‘New Mix’ button.
    BitcoinMixer home page
  2. Enter the recipient’s wallet address or several of them by clicking the ‘Add Address’ link below the box.
    BitcoinMixer mix
  3. Choose the delay time (from instant to 24 hours).
  4. Write down or copy the Mix ID.
  5. Send the amount you want to mix to the address generated.
  6. Wait for your coins to be mixed.
  7. Receive your clean coins to one or several destination addresses provided.


There are situations when users need help and is happy to provide it to its clients. If you have any questions or face some issues, you can contact the service representatives filling out a special form. It is necessary to provide your email address, mix ID, and write the text of your message. Customer support promises to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


Despite being a new tumbler service launched only in December 2019, has already found its first clients and received the first reviews from them. The main incentive for that was a bounty program launched by the service with a $10 reward to everyone who would mix Bitcoin there. Fortunately, these efforts were successful and these reviews have confirmed that is a trusted blender service and can be used for mixing coins by everyone.