TOP-5 Russian Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Sites

Blockchain and the cryptocurrency community is growing rapidly in Russia, and in the Russian-speaking world in general. Its no wonder then, that Russian cryptocurrency websites are getting more popular. And, if you are interested in Bitcoin, altcoins, and related technologies, and want to reach a Russian audience, then you are in the right place. Here is our list of the top 5 Russian language Bitcoin/cryptocurrency websites.

Best Russian Crypto Sites

In this post I have collected the most popular Russian websites. Hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking users related to the topic of crypto currency and blockchain visit them.


ForkLog magazine is an information resource dedicated to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and decentralized technologies working for you since 2014. Cryptocurrency events, Bitcoin price analysis, op-eds, crypto technologies, and all the news about Bitcoin.


There is also a youtube channel with the latest crypto news. They invite famous crypto traders and miners to tell about crypto security, bitcoin wallets, and exchanges. You can also find out about upcoming conferences and other bitcoin and altcoin-related events.


ProstoCoin was founded in 2017 and quickly became a trusted source of cryptocurrency related product reviews, comparisons, and ratings. Their initial goal was to help non-tech newbies who are looking for crypto-related information. You will not find the news here, but rather a bitcoin library of helpful articles that are sorted by topics:

  • Crypto 101
  • Ratings (Software, Exchanges, Cloud mining services, Wallets etc.)
  • How-to-buy step-by-step guides
  • Crypto Wallet setup guides
  • Mining guides
  • Blog

Russian speaking crypto enthusiasts (especially beginners) are often Google queries like Product review + Prostocoin to check the product review and re-check is it scam or no. If you are planning to enter the Russian market you definitely should consider your product to be featured on Prostocoin.
Their editorial team speaks decent English and the language barrier is not a problem.

ProstoCoin Main Page

ProstoCoin states that their goal is to:

  • Save users from simple mistakes
  • Inform about new ICO projects and cryptocurrencies
  • Provide quality information about crypto coins, exchanges, software for Russian speaking community
  • Help users achieve their goals despite their occupation, age or country of residence.


Coinspot was founded in 2013 when several people believed that the future is in the information financial technologies, and Bitcoin is among them. With the rapid emergence of various cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and fin-tech startups, it became clear how extensive, complex and at the same time exciting this topic is.

Today there are more than one million unique users per month visiting Coinspot. The platform keeps expanding the content and adding new services. Coinmonitor is one of those services that will help you find the most profitable cryptocurrency buying/selling platforms. The service analyzes more than one hundred exchanges, updating information every 15 seconds. This way you get the most current information about their exchange rates, reserves, and commissions, ranking them in terms of reliability and user benefits.



BitNovosti is a leading Russian-language information resource covering blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and related topics: the history and mechanisms of monetary systems, modern financial technologies (Fintech), peer-to-peer technologies, encryption, and the Austrian economy, copyright issues and freedom on the Internet, futurology, and transhumanism.

The site provides Runet with operational and analytical information on all aspects of the development of the blockchain and other breakthrough technologies. They translate the news and analytical articles from all over the world, as well as provide their original content.

Get real-time news and updates in social networks:

  • Telegram channel (a telegram chat where you can discuss the latest news),
  • Facebook page,
  • VK community
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Livejournal
  • Twitter
  • YouTube channel

BitsMedia is one of the first Russian-language informational sites and cryptocurrency forums. It was founded in 2011, when the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community was just born in Russia. It has become one of the leading specialized news and analytical websites about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Runet.

This is the largest Russian-language discussion platform for enthusiasts, developers, miners, traders, creators of cryptocurrency services and founders of startups.

The site provides objective and reliable information. And if you cannot find an article or topic that you are interested in, you can always contact the platform and ask them to write about it.



If you are interested in the Russian speaking bitcoin community, then you definitely need to check the websites that we reviewed in this article. We have no doubts that you will find something interesting there.