Keep Your Bitcoin Transactions Anonymous with SmartMix

The anonymity of transactions is a core tenet of Bitcoin’s functionality, so many users are dismayed when they learn that their financial information is not as secure as they believed. With every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, some dedicated research can link a Bitcoin address to the owner’s real identity. Those truly concerned with protecting the anonymity of their Bitcoin transactions turn to the services of Bitcoin mixers like

Launched in January 2018, SmartMix quickly made a name for itself among the reputable Bitcoin mixers. Like other mixing services, SmartMix makes Bitcoin transactions untraceable by mixing incoming Bitcoins sent through its platform with random coins from a reserve pool before sending them back out, breaking the continuity of the transaction chain. At the end of the trade, it is impossible to know the origin of any coin coming out. SmartMix packs multiple privacy-enhancing features into a simple, easy-to-use interface. What sets SmartMix apart is the combination of helpful features, low fees, and commitment to user experience. Here are some of the special perks that make SmartMix unique in the field:

  • Available via tor: Visit at smartmixnjmuoixj.onion to hide your identity while using the mixer.
  • Optional delay feature – Do you want to increase your privacy even more? Choose a preset or random delay for the payout of your mixed coins, making your transaction through the mixer even harder to trace.
  • Multiple payout address feature – Protect your anonymity even more by dividing the payment of your mixed coins between up to five addresses. This can be used with the delay feature or separately.
  • Accepts BTC and BCH – Whatever your preferred currency, SmartMix has you covered.
  • Referral Program – Share your anonymous referral link and earn crypto rewards! For every mix completed with your link, you collect 50% of the service fee.
  • Loyalty Rewards – Use your anonymous SmartClub code every time you mix for discounts on the service fee. The more you mix, the more you save!

SmartMix features

The SmartMix team of developers is constantly programming important updates that permanently improve the mixing service and user experience. The site is available in English, Spanish, and German. SmartMix is also always listening for new suggestions and is quick to respond with personalized user support should any questions arise.

While Bitcoin mixers have gained an unfortunate association with shady and criminal activities, many in the crypto sphere see them as an essential part of practicing the right to protect the privacy of their financial records. SmartMix services help anyone using Bitcoin keep their transactions anonymous.
For more information visit or tor: smartmixnjmuoixj.onion