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Have you ever paid with cryptocurrency for any goods or services? If yes, did you know that the recipient of your payment can easily trace the history of your transactions knowing only your wallet address? All the transactions in cryptocurrency are recorded in the blockchain open-source software, but there is a possibility to leave no trace using SmartMixer platform.

You will agree that there is hardly any crypto holder who will be pleased with the fact that someone can trace his or her funds anonymously.

Look: SmartMixer can be a perfect service to prevent your funds from being traced and this article will tell you how to use it efficiently to leave anyone curious confused.

What is SmartMixer?

SmartMixer is an online tumbler service which allows crypto holders to assume complete anonymity in their funds transactions. It is a mixing platform where every person can mix his or her coins in the pools owned by the service. It means that the cryptocurrencies of a certain person will be mixed with hundreds of other coins and prevent curious people from being capable of tracing other users’ funds online. The trail back to the original source is impossible to determine so it will lead to confusion and nothing else, while user’s coins become clean and impossible to trace after being mixed on SmartMixer platform.

How Does it Work?

If you think that you may wait for hours to get your coins mixed, you are mistaken, it is a fast and simple process which consists of three simple steps:

  1. Provide the wallet address and transfer coins.
  2. Have your cryptocurrency mixed.
  3. Get clean coins.

How SmartMixer Works

On theory, it looks very easy to mix your funds online on the platform, but it is important to pay a closer look at the first step of the mixing process since it involves several important points.

First of all, a user needs to select the cryptocurrency required. The platform supports mixing of BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, and is on the point of introducing Ethereum mixing. The next step is to provide the destination address where clean coins must be delivered. According to the official website of SmartMixer, the more wallet addresses you provide, the better anonymity level there is. Another factor which impact anonymity is the percentage fee set by the crypto holder: the higher fee you pay, the more confidentiality is guaranteed.

It is natural that ordering SmartMixer services you delay your transaction for a certain period of time. That is why the platform suggests its users to set the delay duration since it also impacts the anonymity level.

The next step which is of utmost importance is downloading the Letter of Guarantee. This document specifies that you have sent a certain amount of certain crypto coin and it must be delivered to the final recipient after the stated time period. As soon as you do that, it is necessary to transfer your cryptocurrency to the address offered and receive clean cryptocurrency.

SmartMixer Features

SmartMixer Benefits and Features

If you are looking for a platform which can remove the trace of your coin transactions, it is necessary to consider the features of SmartMixer platform:

  • 100% confidentiality: all the transaction details are deleted immediately after its completion, while the link which allows checking the mixing process status is deleted automatically in 24 hours or by the sender manually,
  • No need to sign up: we do not require any personal information of our customers (such as email, for example) since the platform does not have an account system,
  • Referral program: by sending a referral link to another person who follows it you will earn up 70% commission on all the fees paid by this user,
  • Reliability: you are guaranteed to get your free coins back,
  • 24/7 customer support: friendly and professional team is ready to respond every minute,
  • Easy-to-use: no special skills required, even a child can cope with this task,
  • Utmost privacy and security thanks to the use of Tor Browser.

SmartMixer Fees

SmartMixer Fees

The platform uses a basic charge on miners’ fee which is given to miners when they confirm the transaction. The minimal service fee for all crypto coins supported is 1%, while miners fee per receiving address depends on the cryptocurrency mixed:

  • Bitcoin 0.00045529 BTC
  • Litecoin 0.01072904 LTC
  • Bitcoin Cash 0.00273174 BCH

In addition, the platform rewards every user with a Smart Code which prevents them from receiving funds they mixed earlier and provides with a possibility to get a discount (its size depends on the total amount of cryptocurrency mixed).

How to Mix Bitcoins

As it was mentioned earlier, there are several steps to completed to get your Bitcoins mixed. When you choose BitCoin as a cryptocurrency for mixing, you are asked to provide order details including a Smart Code (if there is any), the receiver address, select the pool assignment, and a transfer delay (up to 72 hours).

It is worth mentioning that pool assignments at SmartMixer can be of three types:

  • Standard Pool (client’s coins are mixed with incoming funds of other users).
  • Smart Pool (client’s coins are mixed with incoming funds of other users, private reserves of the service, and coins from investors).
  • Stealth Pool (client’s coins are mixed only with private reserves of the service, and coins from investors).

As soon as you fill in this data, you will be redirected to the page with Terms to read and agree with. The next step is sending your digital money to the address suggested. This page also offers a client to download the Letter of Guarantee and copy the Smart Code. You can also learn how much you will receive using a calculator at the bottom of the page. When you send your crypto assets to the address provided, the mixing process is finished. The only thing left is to wait for your clean funds to be delivered to the recipient.


The support team of SmartMixer is always ready to give a helping hand to the users of the platform. It is available round the clock so you can easily connect with its representative.

The ‘Support’ button is located in the upper right corner and when you press it, you see a window which suggests you leave a message for the support team. Users are asked to enter their name, explain how this team can help you and upload the Letter of Guarantee.

SmartMixer Support

Referral Program

The following blender platform offers a referral program for its users. It features one of the highest commissions on the web which reach up to 70%. The service pays a 55% commission on all fees the referral pays. Moreover, you will get 10% and 5% commissions of the referrals invited by your referrals.

How to invite referrals? It is enough to share the link provided on the website to earn money thanks to your friends and relatives. The access to referral program is free and is given for a lifetime when you provide your BitCoin address.


SmartMixer is a great solution for crypto holders who want to keep their transactions secure and confidential. The service can be accessed by everyone who transfers BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash and soon Ethereum will be added to this list too. The mixing process is easy and quick as well as reliable. Moreover, there is a minimum commission and a possibility to earn on referrals.