5 Best Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer) Services

Bitcoin Tumbling Necessary?

You’re practically anonymous, the fees are extremely low, transactions get confirmed within just a few minutes, and you don’t need to trust any single person or corporation. That awesomeness, however, comes at a price. Namely, everyone with a copy of the full blockchain (which is freely available) can look into everyone’s transaction history, including yours. Based on this, and some external information, others can deduce the owner of an arbitrary Bitcoin address. You could send all your money to a new address and forget about the old one, but it’s a really thin cover, such an operation wouldn’t fool the potential person spying on you. A good example is illustrated in a recently leaked memo where the U.S. Army and the National Security Agency sought to track cryptocurrency users by analyzing transactions. And that’s where a Bitcoin tumbler service shows up to save the day.

But it’s not just the authorities that are on the lookout for illegal crypto transactions. There are also exchange platforms that are keen to observe transactions from specific sources such as gambling sites and darknet markets.

For instance, Coinbase states that it does not accept funds from gambling sites because of reasons best known to them. But a good and justifiable reason is that gambling sites are well known to be hubs for laundering money, where some of the proceeds are obtained from the dark web.

Bitcoin mixing helps you to disassociate any BTC you purchased from your identity. You send your coins to a Bitcoin mixing service, they take a small mixing fee, and after a random delay they send you an equivalent amount of other people’s bitcoins to your new address. In other words, coin mixing services take your cash and give you new cash to your secret identity so that it remains secret.

So, to avoid the inconveniences brought about by using funds from sources not regarded as “clean,” cryptocurrency tumbler services offer a solution.


There are different Bitcoin shufflers currently in use. And a user should take into consideration several factors before choosing one. First of all, the obvious factor is the type of coin you are using and the source of funds.

When the funds are clean, then there is no point in mixing up the Bitcoin since suspicions are not likely to be raised.

But, if you are a darknet market user who operates using specific sites, you should find out if the market you are using has a built-in tumbling service. You can also check if the site recommends any outside coin mixing services. If not, then it’s up to you to research in order to stay safe in the future.

We performed our own research using Google, Bitcointalk, Reddit and other communities this bitcoin mixer review we have tried to cover the most popular services.

Please notice! Use bitcoin mixers at your own risk! Mixing cryptocurrency can lead to legal consequences as well as losing your cryptocurrency.


Cryptalker staff does not recommend or endorse any specific websites, this article is a result of our independent investigation. Use any of these websites at your own risk!

1. BitsMix.Biz


BitsMix is one of those mixing services that keep your crypto safe. The platform will take your bitcoin, mix it with other deposits, and give you the same amount of bitcoin in return. It’s designed to reduce bitcoin tracking, “clean” your coins, and help ensure anonymity on the transparent bitcoin network.

A bitcoin mixer service like BitsMix.Biz will take your bitcoin, then give you different bitcoin in return. The platform collects everyone’s bitcoin deposits, mixes them up into one central account, and then returns the bitcoins to users. You get the same amount of bitcoin (minus a fee), but different bitcoin from different parts of the blockchain.

With BitsMix.Biz, you get a letter of guarantee. That letter of guarantee is proof of BitsMix.Biz’s obligations. When they give you their bitcoin address, they’ll provide a digitally-signed confirmation that this address has genuinely been generated by the server. That letter is always signed from the BitsMix.Biz main bitcoin account (that account is publicly available on BitsMix).

The platform also uses a special 12 symbol “code” to ensure you get your bitcoin back every time you use the service. You save that code. That code also 100% excludes you from receiving your own coins anytime in the future.

With BitMix.Biz you will get:

  • Fully Anonymity
    After your order is invalid, BitsMix.Biz will remove any information about your transactions. Absolutely no logs or personality identifying information is kept regarding your use of the BitsMix.Biz service.
  • Instant Transfer
    Money is instantly transferred to your address after your transaction is confirmed.
  • Partner Program
    BitsMix.Biz pays users when they refer others to the platform. They’ll pay for every transaction made by an invited user.

The platform charges a mining fee of 0.4 to 4%. You can set the fee manually when you’re mixing your bitcoins. The address fee is 0.0005 BTC per output address to cover any transaction fees charged by miners.

BitsMix.Biz’s mixing process takes up to 24 hours, although it’s usually “almost instant” depending on the current service load.

You’re required to mix a minimum of 0.007 BTC and a maximum of 1000 BTC. Transactions outside this range will not be accepted.


2. SmartMixer

SmartMixer main page

One more tumbler service worth your attention is SmartMixer. It is a reliable blender service which helps to hide the traces of your crypto transactions by mixing them with other fund transfers. This platform differs from others offering three pool assignments:

  1. Standard Pool (client’s coins are mixed with incoming funds of other users).
  2. Smart Pool (client’s coins are mixed with incoming funds of other users, private reserves of the service, and coins from investors).
  3. Stealth Pool (client’s coins are mixed only with private reserves of the service, and coins from investors).

The mixing process is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes. It is enough to select one of three coins acceptable (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash), enter the recipient’s address, delay the transaction for any time up to 72 hours, send coins to the address indicated, and wait for their delivery to the final destination.

The service requires no signup and guarantees 100% confidentiality to all users. Mixing fees are very reasonable and taken from the miners’ fee which is very comfortable. Moreover, during the first transaction, you get a Smart Code which will reward you with a discount on further mixing. Every transaction is supported by the Letter of Guarantee and information about it is deleted after 24 hours to guarantee anonymity.

Other advantages of SmartMixer is a friendly customer support team working round the clock as well as a referral program with one of the highest commissions which can reach 70%.


3. Anonymix

Anonymix Bitcoin Mixer

When you need truly anonymous Bitcoins, Anonymix is the only mixer for the job. Due to their sophisticated reserve system with both hot and cold storage, they can handle high capacity mixes of up to 100 BTC to ensure that, whatever you need to mix, they can always deliver bitcoins without a trace.

In addition to high-quality mixing, Anomymix gives you the chance to win more than you pay! Every 100th mix receives a bonus of 25%, so mix your Bitcoins often to increase your chances of winning.

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Bulletproof Mixing:
    To make your mix even harder to trace, Anonymix offers you an array of delay settings and the option to send your Bitcoins to multiple addresses.
  • Low fees:
    Anonymix charges a service fee of .3% and a transaction fee of .0001 BTC per payout address.
  • Certificate of Origin:
    Anonymix always provides documentation that the Bitcoins you receive come from them.

Anonymix uses an algorithm resistant to blockchain analysis when they mix your Bitcoins, so you can rest assured you’re always getting the best possible mix. Visit Anonymix today at bitcoinmix.net.

4. BitcoinMixer


BitcoinMixer is a new mixing service launched in December 2019. It guarantees reliable Bitcoin mixing and has a number of features that are important for getting full anonymity.

The first thing to pay attention to is low fees. The platform charges a fee of 0.25% in addition to the transaction fee of 0.000001 BTC for every payment address you send Bitcoin to. The minimum amount for mixing is 0.0002 BTC and all the smaller amounts are considered as donations. The main features of the mixer are the following ones:

  • Instant and delayed transactions (up to 24 hours),
  • No logs policy,
  • Mix ID for every order,
  • Minimum of 1 confirmation,
  • Payout distribution to up to 5 addresses.

The platform offers to improve your transaction privacy and delay the mixing process for the period of up to one day as well as select up to 5 addresses to send clean Bitcoins to.

Every mixing order is granted a mix ID for a crypto holder to be able to check the status of the mix or to restore it if there is a crash in the browser after you send a deposit. The service has no logs policy and delete all the information about the mix in 7 days.

If you mix an amount under 20 BTC, you will need to wait for only one confirmation. Large amounts over this sum require 6 confirmations on the blockchain.

BitcoinMixer has a professional customer support service that usually gets back to users within 24 hours since sending the contact form you have filled.


5. CryptoMixer


CryptoMixer is another simple yet trustworthy Bitcoin Tumbler service. And one of the primary differences it has compared to the other platforms on this list is that it can accommodate really “large volume transactions”.

There is no Maximum transaction limit as such, considering how their reserve is really huge and you’ll need to be a millionaire before you can run them out of funds. If any limit is breached, you are notified before you make the payment.

The minimum transaction 0.001BTC, any amount lower than this is is considered a donation, like in the case of PriveCoin, and isn’t sent back to the customer.

The minimum fee is 0.5%, with an additional 0.0005BTC for every deposited transaction.

You can set a custom fee for added anonymity and they also provide a letter or guarantee like all the mentionable Bitcoin Tumblers out there.